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Redefine your Mobile Brand

Transform mobile marketing and advertising with Stories

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Connect with people using a format they’ve embraced

Stories+ deliver a familiar, intuitive interface with proven user engagement while creating a connective thread to social.

2 Billion

people across the world engage with stories every day


Publish Stories to your own domain

Create separate story pages or embed stories in existing content on your sites or apps, showcasing product features, deals, and current brand content.

Promote your stories through flexible, vibrant ad experiences

Stories+ Scale:

Extend your stories to new audiences

  • Story highlights play inside display and native ad placements
  • Users tap to visit full-screen Stories
  • Activate programmatically through any DSP and ad server of your choice.
  • Target and deliver across any standard IAB ad inventory on mobile.

Stories+ Impact:

Maximize attention within premium space

  • Story highlights are delivered as custom high impact formats across premium websites and apps
  • Activate through PMPs or directly to mobile web and apps

Take the next step in programmatic advertising

The Stories format achieves personalization on a new level, optimizing both impression creative and story frames for specific audiences.

Stories ads are compatible with all platforms and inventory types.

More Touchpoints, More Data, More Action.

Users touch Stories to view, explore, and shop frame by frame, leading to the richest data set of any experience in the market.

Easily find advantages and drive meaningful actions with our optimization and automation features.

Brand experiences that move the needle

With a variety of formats, unlimited content, and complete media freedom, brands can find Stories+ combinations that amplify any campaign objectives.

Frequently asked

Stories+ is a media independent solution. We provide tags and support for Stories and Story Ads for you to run them wherever you choose. If you require a full service media solution, please contact us for partnership options.

Yes, Stories Ads comply with IAB display specifications and can be run through any DSP, or across managed service buys. The ads are supply and platform agnostic.

Stories+ has in-house analytics to capture all story delivery and consumption, and can also append any 3rd party measurement solutions to track and verify serving, viewability, conversions & more.

We say “open web” to encompass all of the free internet, outside of walled gardens like social networks that control every aspect of media, creative, and data.

Stories are a mobile only solution, specifically designed for mobile screens and tappable interaction.

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